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A Spoonful of Stars

All at once I remembered how to let the stress and the worry drift away. I turned my mind off to the buzzing of the outside world, smelled the smoky autumn air, and let it wash over me. Edges rounded out into fuzzy curves and everything just flowed. Pieces of me broke off and scattered in the wind as I danced across a grassy field, painting it like a canvas with my colorful thoughts.

The breeze picked me up and carried me off the earth into the sky where I saw the most beautiful sights from above.The sky melted into inky darkness as I floated higher, finding myself at home despite the departure. Eerie silence crashed into me like a wave, and I remembered the feeling of peace. In the inky darkness no sore memories could seek me out. The stars whispered nonsense into my ears until reality unfurled and I bathed in the Milky Way. I tasted a spoonful of stars, and drifted off to sleep, colors colliding in a rainbow symphony as I dreamed.

I woke up drifting back towards the earth, and moonbeams sent me spinning gently as they set me down on a pillow of golden leaves. Dark curls of negative thoughts spiraled down to meet me, but I blew them away with a puff of breath. The sun filtered through the trees and softly kissed my cheeks, warming me. A sudden gust sent leaves flying into a whirling tornado of rich reds and golds.The ground opened up and I tumbled down through eternity, destined to fall though dreamworlds forever.


Moira Riggs is a student from Washington. They love music and creating of all types. More of their writing can be found at swimmingthroughclouds.blogspot.com. Their instagram is @jetpurplesky.

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