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My New Year's Eve was mainly composed of suburban relatives exclaiming, "you'll be in the bathroom for the whole 2017 if you're sitting on the toilet at midnight!" or some related remark, as if what we do on the first few hours of the year foreshadows what we'll be doing for the rest of it.

Well, suburban relative, I spent the first ten minutes of the new year washing dishes after everyone's gone to sleep because I wanted to -- I'm never one to have initiative for chores, and I think this means I'll be scrubbing greasy plates for 365 days, or that I'll finally take control of my own life. I'm really rooting for the latter.


16-year-old Andrea likes to think she can do a lot of things, like write or take photos - making bios about herself is not one of them. Watch her wing being a blogger at xndrexpanaligan.blogspot.com

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