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Femme Power Play

Hey there, music lovers. I'm proud to present to you the first edition of Femme Power Play, a playlist series featuring femme musicians. The purpose of this series is to increase the visibility of non-male artists of any musical genre. Nonbinary and/or genderqueer performers will also be included whenever possible (because gender isn't simple and this is an intersectional feminist space to celebrate all who make their way through the male/masculine dominated music industry).

Without further ado, check out these sick tunes by some awesome rockers! Their edgy vocals and lyrics just scream #unapologeticfemme.

Any grrrl bands or femme-led bands that you're into? Respond below! And definitely let us know if you have any suggestions (of musicians, genres, etc) for the next Femme Power Play! I'll be tracking the tag #FemmePowerPlay.


Gabi Matthews is a sensitive plant from the East Coast, a published author (pen name "enke") & a multimedia creator extraordinaire. Catch Gabi on Instagram @elleschiss!

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