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Dumpster Diving

I was foolish to think these wouldn't bother me too
I am dumpster diving into an endless pile of clean clothes, smelling of soap
The trick is to not let the sock know you are looking for its match
otherwise it will never let itself be seen
Someone does this every morning

Lately, waves of nostalgia have been
flooding back to me
They're beautiful but they tease me

I remember in 7th grade when they
tormented me until I bled with each whiff of my old perfume
I remember the biting cold winter in 9th grade
when we wore leggings atop our knobby knees
and under our jeans as a reminder to
always stay soft and fragile
and that special spring day when
the sun beat down just right
and we strolled along
minding our own business
laying in the grass sipping tea and
absolutely loving the warmth on our skin
I remember walking alone with the fall breeze
humming a familiar tune I somehow new
and sitting in the isles devouring book after book
and all for free

I remember now and somehow
this time dumpster diving isn't quite as bad


I’m Elle. I’m 17 years old living in Ontario, Canada. All I ever do in my spare time and my not-so-spare time is make art, cry over fictional characters, watch movies and read ya novels.

Emma Jane Haas is a 17 year old from San Luis Obispo. She spends her spare time photographing her friends, writing, playing and singing music, and being outdoors.

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