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The Old Woman At Dinner

The women with creased brows and broken lips
Held onto the dinner table
Her food cold
Her fingers colder
She watched the tree droop outside
Of the restaurant window
It’s leaves all plucked by weather and cruel intentions
She asked for the check
Once or twice
No cake this time
Her son’s chair was empty
She stood up
And sat into his hollow leather seat
She couldn’t see the wilting tree no longer


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Liz Stewart wishes she had the same amount of goals as the couple in the back of this bio photo. She is a 16-year-old child who lives a solitary life in Los Angeles, California writing half-assed jokes and watching nostalgic reruns of Billy Mays OxiClean commercials. She also writes a little poetry, and voraciously doodles on the wrong answers of her trig homework. 

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