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New Start

it's january first
and i miss you
a new year! they say; a new start!
isn't that exciting?
i cut my hair short
(everyone said it wouldn't suit me)
and buy a new dress
(it's blue, the colour you said washes me out)
and take off the necklace you gave me
(even though it made me feel pretty)
and play the songs you never listened to
(i'll make my own memories)
and i still miss you
page one of threehundredandsixtyfive! they say; make this one special!
isn't that lovely?
i go to work in heels
(everyone looked at me funny)
and keep my finger hovered over the 'delete' button on your contact
(the phone turned off by itself)
and paint my nails black
(you said white looked better on me)
and reread my favourite book
(it's been a while)
and i still miss you
a clean slate! they say; begin again!
doesn't that sound fantastic?
it's january third
and when i wake up
you're not the first thing i think of
a new start, indeed


Aisha has many hobbies; examples including writing, watching anime and violently lip syncing along to The Wombats in the car. Her talents are less abundant but she likes to pretend she knows the the lyrics to every song (ever).

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