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Mortal Wonder

I don’t know if you know this, but
There’s more than your eyes see.
This ice cream has depths your tongue can’t taste,
This ​heart has passion your heart can’t understand,
Beyond this mortal wonder,
Curves twisting through the cosmos,
There’s a soul in me.
Would you see that if you can’t even see my face?


My name's Jephthah Temona, 21, I'm Nigerian. My writing started as a dare. I had a feeling I'd be able to express myself with words, so I had a friend dare me to write a poem and a story. For me, I express myself better writing compared to talking. I'm fascinated with the idea of immortality. I love rock music, hip hop, jazz. Basically good music, but rock gets me more.
I'm currently in the university studying Psychology. I also have a personal blog.

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