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There's Beauty in Everything

Beauty is everywhere. You can see it and feel it surrounding you. Everything around you starts to distort and wither away. Your body starts to tingle, and you can feel yourself falling into a sort of trance. No matter what or who it is, you become totally mesmerized by its beauty. It’s pretty wild.

I remember being in the car with my stepmom, father, and little brother. We were heading back home from a great time in Monterey, California. The sun was beginning to set and just looking at the sky made me happy; it was beautiful. I turned to look over at my brother and noticed that he, too, was staring up at the sky. The sun was hitting his face, hair, and big eyes and lazily resting onto my brother's eyelashes. He looked so innocent and vulnerable. He is innocent and vulnerable. Just looking at him caused happy and good memories to drift back into my head.

Anything for me at least can catalyze this weird and funny feeling. Sometimes a little too much. I can look at a rock and be fucking bewitched by it. It happens a lot when I look at the people I surround myself around, especially my family. It happens when I unconditionally love someone. It happens when I go outside and observe the different living thing around me. It happens when I eat, but be careful with this one -- I tend to drool whenever I indulge in my food's beauty.

If you ever find yourself feeling low, just look around you and I assure you, you'll find something that is beautiful to you. Learn to appreciate it because you’ll never know when it might go away. Stay away from the bad and negative, no matter how beautiful. There are plenty of other beautiful people and things that will make you feel good about yourself.

Just live in the moment and take it all in. No matter what,  you will find beauty everywhere. Just look in a mirror.


My name is Samantha, I am currently a senior in high school working on graduating. I am a very tiny, shy, but outgoing, and a risk taking kinda girl. My interest include listening to artists like Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Blondie, Pink Floyd and many others. I love music and I couldn’t live without it! In addition, I really enjoy watching movies and spending time with my family. My family is my biggest motivation to become a successful person. They have taught me to become a kind, friendly, generous, determined, and non judgmental person as well as many other traits that have made me become the person I am now.

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