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Top 10 Nostalgic Films To Watch

Kill Your Darlings (2013) Director: John Krokidas.

 A captivating film set in the 1940s, showing the college lives of some of the first members of the Beat Generation. It is loosely based on the life of poet Allen Ginsberg and the mutual passion for poetry he shares with Lucien Carr. P.s. there’s murder!

Charlie Bartlett (2007) Director: Jon Poll.

Ever done something just to up yourself on the popularity scale? This one is a comedy-drama about a teenager ‘who begins to dispense therapeutic advice and prescription drugs’ to the students at his school in order to become popular. Despite the mixed reviews, I found the movie to be quirky and fun- a definite cure for crying over Anton Yelchin!

Girl, Interrupted (1999) Directors: James Mangold & Jonathan Kahn.

A psychological drama loosely based on Susanna Kaysen’s memoir & 18 month stay at a mental institution. Albeit indescribable, it forms around Susanna’s nervous breakdown and her fascination and friendship with another patient, Lisa. I honestly have no words for this film, it is just one of those that stayed with me. It’s fascinating and beautiful, yet haunting- I just can’t get enough of this film, give me your opinions on it!

The Dish & the Spoon (2011) Director: Alison Bagnall.

A romantic despair, following the story of Rose who is livid at her cheating husband and ‘collides with a marooned teenager in a boarded-up Delaware beach town’. I came across this one after I first listened to Olly Alexander’s band Years and Years in 2013, the actor is perfect for the role in the film- definitely recommend giving this a watch & listening to his band!

Mysterious Skin (2004) Director: Gregg Araki.

A story of two pre-adolescent boys who are sexually abused by their baseball coach, and how it affects their lives in different ways into their young adulthood. The film is very violent at times and has prostitution in it, so I wouldn’t recommend watching with people below the age of at least 13!

Sixteen Candles (1984) Director: John Hughes.

A classic coming of age 80s film, the plot unravels itself around Sam Baker’s 16th birthday which is forgotten due to her sister’s marriage. 

Nowhere Boy (2009) Director: Sam Taylor-Johnson.

The adolescent years of John Lennon, the film focuses on the formation of his first band and his relationship with his absent mother, Julia. This one is my favourite film on Lennon and the formation of the Beatles!

How To Be (2008) Director: Oliver Irving.

A ‘quarter-life crisis’ that inspires Art to find a happy and fulfilled life, despite his unsupportive parents. Watch the story of an aspiring musician with a useless degree, a waste away supermarket job and a ‘no longer girlfriend’ try to fix himself.

Dazed & Confused (1993) Director: Richard Linklater.

Set in the 70s, Dazed and Confused revolves around the lives of high schoolers during the last day of school in 1976. The film was in the ‘recommended’ of another film I watched, and I have to say I’m a sucker for the 70s and this rocked!

American Beauty (1999) Director: Sam Mendes. 

Follow the life of Lester who goes through a midlife crisis after becoming infatuated with his insecure daughter’s best friend, Angela. I only got around to watching this recently, and it is definitely my favourite film at the moment- it even tops the films by my favourite director (and that’s saying something).


My name is Jane Triin and when not marathoning films, I'm probably at a concert jamming to odd covers of the smiths & trying to take polaroids 

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