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I am soft for you

Illustrated by Justine

i am soft for you.
like cotton splattered with blood and tears
or the clouds that bring in a storm.
like dandelions that have been set ablaze.
i am soft for you.
when you are gripping my thighs or
biting down on my lip in the dark.
when i am melting in your arms
as you kiss my neck.
i am soft for you.
like sand mixed with shards of glass
or silk that has been shredded to pieces.
like snow that will eventually melt.
i am soft for you.
when you are wrapping yourself around me
or flicking your eyelashes on my cheek.
when you are telling me you love me
and pulling me down deep.


Justine is an Information Design with an affinity for the color yellow.

Janel is a singer-songwriter who writes music under the name Holyveins, and she's also just a writer of poetry and prose who loves listening to true crime podcasts and wearing denim jackets. You can find her on instagram (@janel.jpg) and on twitter (@holyveins).

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