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Futuristic Us

I haven’t even
Left the bed
And already, my limbs and lids
Are heavy again
I think I could shut myself down
Thinking to myself
About dealing with your ghost
Again today

Maybe that would be best
I can live in my dreams
For in my sleep
You’re mine to keep
The only time when you are

I try not to let
Your tired heart collapse
Into mine
Even though
I feel it happening
Our blood colliding, veins merging
Into one blackened hull

Trading one pair
Of blue eyes for another
A stormy ocean morphs
Into a calmer sea
Thoughts of you keeping me
From jumping ship

Amidst all the brick
And the plants
And the birds
I hide all of my words
I don’t know what to say


Sophie Artz is a 19 year old art student near Boston. She loves to make photo and video art, write poetry, and laugh at her misfortunes before turning them into glitter. You can find her on Instagram @onmelancholyhill where she posts a lot of great dog pics.

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