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dearest v,

i believe in many things. i believe in love, in life, in eternities - but not my own. god, v, i’m stuck. my name screams of being stuck - and trapping others. you’re a bird. you’re free. you’re you. the light reflects off of your feathers on the beach - dark and tied back with a bright blue elastic. your song reverberates as a soft snore as you rest on your wings. i was always afraid you’d bend them one day. until i realized the cage was bending them - you were the bird that couldn’t flee the coop, so you let it (me) come in closer and closer until you, you beautiful raven, you couldn’t fly away. everytime i kiss you and your bright red lips, the key moves farther away and i am terrified that it’s going into the ocean and you’ll be stuck in this coop forever.  your dreams for unfurling your wings will fly farther away while you’re all cooped up with your feathers ruffled and wings snapped.

i believe in your love, your life, your eternity.
i believe in you.

elizabeth cooper.

11:44 p.m.
the final letter of liberation


Steph. 15. Canadian. History Enthusiast. Fan of dogs and movies.

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