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You who cast me down before I could sprout leaves,
You'd rather I be tinder than be wood birthing a great flame,
Putting a full stop to my story before the prologue began,
Doubting, mocking, teasing, tearing down,
Here's a front row view to this grand display.
Watch me rise up and take my place in skies beyond your reach,
Look up and see me light up your night sky.
Beyond your expectations and shortsightedness,
My Greatness would unravel.
Existing in heights the walls of your mind can't contain,
Setting a pace you'd have to run faster than time to catch up with.
I would unfurl.


My name's Jephthah Temona, 21, I'm Nigerian. My writing started as a dare. I had a feeling I'd be able to express myself with words, so I had a friend dare me to write a poem and a story. For me, I express myself better writing compared to talking. I'm fascinated with the idea of immortality. I love rock music, hip hop, jazz. Basically good music, but rock gets me more.
I'm currently in the university studying Psychology. I also have a personal blog.

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