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What Mark Will You Make?

I was particularly inspired by these lyrics from the song "Smother" by Daughter: "all my layers can become reeds, all my limbs can become trees, all my children can become me." I like the idea that we start out new and as we grow up and grow old, we deteriorate, unwind, unfurl. Death may be the end of the line for one body, but eventually we return to the Earth and give life to new organisms as the cycle starts again. This photoset is about life, death, and everything in between.

Not to sound emo, but I think there's something particularly comforting about death. Endings give things significance because they put a timer on our actions and remind us how fleeting our impact can be, but at the same time, it is the nature of death to make our existence obsolete. On a small scale, our lives can impact other lives, but when you zoom out, you see that what we do with our time doesn't make much difference to the rest of the universe.

So, the time is ticking, we are unfurling. What mark will you make?


Bee is a photographer, musician, and pop surrealist painter based in Sacramento, California. You can explore more of her photography and other work on her website: thelittlehoneybee.wix.com/thelittlehoneybee

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