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Scratching, scratching, I need to get out
Clawing and digging I arise from the earth 
If I could still breathe I would have gasped,
But I can not. 

My bones straighten, what's left of my muscles tense
I forgot how blue the sky was,
How crisp the air is this time of year
I missed it without realizing. 

With each step around my designated plot I see my life unfurled,
Each moment of each day played over and over. 
I revel in it until the memories are gone, 
And I'm left with only the blue sky and the crisp grass and my empty grave.


AKM is an artist from the Midwest specializing in Photography and Writing. Her photo series "Mi Tierra" earned her professional recognition and she has pieces of work displayed in local government offices. She also enjoys binge watching The X-Files and spending time with her family. You can find her on Snapchat as babyblueaudrey and on Instagram @audrey.k.m

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